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In homage to The Million Dollar Homepage, one of the web’s great memes, Rhizome presents “The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage.” Equal parts fundraiser, art collaboration, billboard, classified ad and community builder, the initiative aims to raise 50,000 dollars for Rhizome by selling 1,000,000 pixels of webspace at 5 cents a piece (cheap!).

The webpage consists of a 1000 pixel x 1000 pixel grid broken up into 10 pixel x 10 pixel blocks. You participate by “buying pixels” – donating money to Rhizome in exchange for blocks of pixels on the grid. The pixels you buy can then be filled with an image of your choice (i.e. your signature, your company’s logo, a portrait of your pet fox "Mr. Sassy", etc...) and linked (in perpetuity) to whatever URL you want. Your name and URL will also appear in a pop up when someone rolls over your pixels on the webpage.

Pixels must be bought in 10 pixel x 10 pixel blocks (ie - 10x10, 40x100, 200 x 350, etc.) with each block costing $5.

Pixels are available for purchase from now until May 28th, the night of Rhizome’s annual benefit. On this date, the page will be locked, and presented at the Benefit, which will be held at the New Museum in New York, and preserved on the Rhizome site forever.

Thanks to Michael Bell-Smith for conceiving of the project.

How To

1. Create an account. Once created, you’ll be sent an email to validate the account. Please note: For those who already have accounts with Rhizome, this is separate! You need to create a new account in order to participate.

2. Log-in and select “Order Pixels.”

3. Select & Upload your image. (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG)

4. Place your picture on the grid (spaces that are already purchased or pending will show up as red or yellow squares) and select "Write Your Ad."

5. Fill in the URL you want the image linked to, as well as the rollover text, and select "Save Ad". Once your ad is saved click "Ad Saved, Continue"

6. Click "Confirm & Pay" and then click on the Paypal or Authorize.net logo. This will take you to whichever payment site you prefer so you can safely and securely submit your payment via credit card or paypal account.

7. Once we have received your order we will approve your design, process your payment, and Voila! your image will be online. You’ll be able to show it off to your mom, brag to your friends, enjoy more incoming traffic, and feel good about yourself!


Why should I participate?

Is the purchase of pixels tax-deductible?


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept Paypal and Authorize.net.

What if the picture I want to use doesn’t fit exactly on the grid?

The website will automatically round up, buying enough blocks for the image to fit.

Can I upload anything I want?

Yes! We don’t want to censor anything, but we will if we think it’s necessary. Please use common sense when submitting your images and text

I want to buy pixels but I don't know much about computers!

If you are having problems with any aspect of the purchasing process we are happy to help. We can also help you find, create or resize your image. Just drop us a line at 50k@rhizome.org.

I have a question, comment and/or concern!

Feel free to email us at 50k@rhizome.org

Help (Expanded)

Having Problems Setting Up an Account and Placing an Order?

Don't worry! If you are having trouble setting up your account or placing an order, we can take care of the entire process for you! Simple send an e-mail to 50k@rhizome.org and we can either walk you through setting up your own account or complete the entire process for you, free of charge.

Having Problems With Payment?

If you have placed an order but are having trouble completing payment with PayPal we now offer payment through Authorize.net as well. Once you have uploaded your image, and placed it on the grid, you can select either PayPal or Authorize.net to complete your order. If PayPal is giving you trouble then attempt to pay through Authorize.net, if you are still having trouble please e-mail us at 50k@rhizome.org and we will process your payment manually. If you are uncomfortable or unable to pay with credit card online we are now offering the option to pay by check. If you would like to pay by check please e-mail 50k@rhizome.org and we can send you the billing details.

Having Problems Creating an Image or Resizing an Existing One?

Never fear! We have several talented graphic designers at Rhizome who know Photoshop and Illustrator like the back of their hand! We can help you conceptualize and create a custom graphic -- or easily resize an existing image. (Again, totally free of charge!)

Hate E-mail?

We have phones! If you have a question or are confused by any aspect of The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage feel free to give us a ring at 212-219-1288 x 302 . Operators ARE standing by!

Who's Participating?

Here are the last 25 people to buy pixels, if you want to view the full list please visit our delicious page.

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